If you are interested in a particular course please get in touch, tell us what you need and when you need it, and we will attempt to build that into the new programme.
On-site training recommenced at our Gloucester facility.

- The next start date for our CAT-100 course is shown below.

- Brush up courses from 9th September 2020 onwards have also been held on site.

In all cases students may attend remotely if they prefer; we will be using the online training system to facilitate this.

In the event that we cannot continue with training on-site, the default plan of action will be to revert to the online training system. Those students that find it unsuitable or who lack the bandwidth to run it will be offered the alternative of delaying their training until the situation improves. We have now announced all Cat-100 2021 course start dates, as follows:

15th March 2021

24th May 2021

2nd August 2021

11th October 2021


15th March 2021

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Distance learning self-study and classroom supported courses and tutorials

Delivered by highly experienced instructors

Our mission

To educate and train future generations of high quality commercial pilots, who have an excellent understanding of theoretical knowledge and of their role and responsibilities as professional aviators


Cat3C Training Solutions

Flexibility is key to modular study. Breaking down the course into four modules allows you far greater flexibility in the way you study than any other training provider.

Padpilot iBooks are the best way to study, supported by animations, videos and interactive 3D animations


Padpilot Apple Books

Cat3C uses Padpilot Apple Books as its chosen training material.