the perfect approach to ATPL theory training

Exemplo Ducemus - Lead by Example

Our Mission

To educate and train future generations of high quality commercial pilots, who have an excellent understanding of theoretical knowledge and of their role and responsibilities as professional aviators

about Cat3C

Cat3C was formed several years ago by joint owner, Tony Pike, as a provider of supplemental navigation training; and later, on forming a training alliance with former British Airways captain Bill Chivers, it was decided to form an approved training organisation to deliver full ATPL theory training. The company is steadily growing and has an excellent success rate with its exams to date.

Cat3C is now a UK CAA Approved Training Organisation (GBR-ATO.0488), based at Gloucestershire Airport, Cheltenham, in the United Kingdom, offering specialised theoretical knowledge training for professional pilot licences. However, Cat3C has been operating for several years in the Gloucester area, providing supplemental training to students from many other ATOs.

We have received scores of positive reviews over the years regarding the quality of training at Cat3C, and many direct requests for further training from many students. It was determined that a dedicated theoretical knowledge ATO was needed, not engaged in flight training, to provide several key points, critical to achieving a high standard of theoretical knowledge training, thus ensuring a well-educated professional pilot:

* Flexibility in choice of training package
* Small class sizes
* Rigorously selected, experienced instructors
* Well proven training material
* Reasonable prices

All Cat3C instructors have a proven pedigree in civilian and military aviation and have been involved in training delivery for professional pilot licences for many years, and are very aware of the problems faced by many students when working through their study material.