CAT-100 Course Timetable

CAT-100.02 Commencing 21st September 2020

The following dates are proposed for the upcoming CAT-100 Course cycle, commencing 21st September 2020.

Please note that the dates provided for specific subject training are the start and end dates of each module only. We will provide you with a modular timetable on attendance at each module, but whilst we attempt to adhere to the modular timetable, operational circumstances may dictate changes are necessary.

Each weekday should be treated as a training day.

Module 1
Commences 21st September 2020

Module 2
Commences 30th November 2020

Module 3
Commences Late Feb **

Module 4
Commences Early / Mid May**

- Aircraft General Knowledge
- Human Performance
- Air Law

Exam dates: 23rd – 25th November

- Meteorology
- Principles of Flight
- Performance

[Christmas & New Year break Dec 19th – Jan 4th]
Exam dates: Mid Feb**

- General Navigation
- Radio Navigation
- Instrumentation

Exam dates: (Late April / Early May**)

- Mass and Balance
- Flight Planning
- Operational Procedures
- Communications

Exam dates: (Early / Mid July**)

**exam dates and subsequent module start dates yet to be finalised with the regulatory authorities.