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Cat3C Courses

The following products are full courses only.

Making a full payment up front attracts our cheapest prices and we also offer sale prices, so you can get the best value for money for your training.

  • Cat III


    The Cat III course is the distance learning equivalent of a full-time course, and is designed for those who can commit to extensive classroom training, comprising:
    Padpilot Apple Books training material;
    4 x days of core topics training;
    90 days of subject classroom tuition;
    30 days (approx.) mentored-self-study classroom days;
    20 days (4 x 5-days) classroom ‘brush ups’.

    *Note: While 110+ days of classroom tuition are provided, from a regulatory point of view, this is a distance learning course.

  • Cat II


    The Cat II course offers additional classroom tuition to that on the Cat I course, and comprises Padpilot Apple Books training material, 4 x 5-day classroom ‘brush ups’, plus 4 x 2-day tutorials, one per module.

  • Cat I


    This is the basic course, for those on a budget and limited time, and simply comprises Padpilot Apple Books training material and 4 x 5-day clssroom ‘brush ups’.

  • EFIS/FMS Module


    1/2 day of classroom tuition and 4 hours of solo B737-800 simulator time

  • MCC Module


    1/2 day of classroom tuition and 4 hours of dual B737-800 simulator time