• Tom Humphries
    I found Cat3c whilst seeking help for GNav among other subjects as I felt at a loss with my ATO provider. I was left in the unfortunate position of failing my last exam by 1%, and I was given nothing from my ATO, and really at a loss as to what to do next. From the moment I first contacted Cat3C, I had the greatest help from Tony and Bill, giving me the best possible guidance and up to date knowledge for each subject that I needed additional help with. To really highlight how good they are, one phone call with Tony, and I had a clear direction with exact knowledge of how to move forward. Without Cat3C, I would be retaking all 14 exams for a series 2. I can’t thank them enough.
    Tom Humphries
  • Christian Fuller
    Superb 4 days ATPL Gen Nav course hosted by Tony. Learned 100× more than reading the BGS notes. Low class size and excellent atmosphere for learning. Highly recommend if you want to pass your Gen Nav exam first time!
    Christian Fuller
  • Harminder Dhillon
    Finished a four Day General Navigation course at Cat3C and it was the best decision I have made to help aid with my ATPL studies. I cannot stress enough how refreshing it truly was to attend a course where emphasis is made to actually teach you so you understand the subject,. Since the CAA and EASA are bringing out new questions, to counter students being used to memorising questions by continuously doing question banks, students need to have a strong knowledge of the subject they are being examined on. Cat3c can get you to that level, with simple and clear explanations. You will not regret a single penny you spend on this course. I will be also attending courses for my other subjects also. Thank you so so much!
    Harminder Dhillon
  • Alex Gralton
    I’ve been fortunate to be instructed by Bill on my ATPL Ground School, MCC and JOC courses. Subjects covered were Radio Navigation and Flight Instruments/EFIS/FMS before moving onto the 737NG simulator. With extensive airline experience he bought technical expertise and practical CRM skills as well as specialist training for UPRT. He was attentive in passing on his knowledge and always had the time to debrief appropriately. I found that these airline related courses had the largest impact on my performance later on during my initial type rating and line training. I hope this gives assurance of the quality of instruction that you can expect from Cat3C.
    Alex Gralton
  • Gavin Slattery
    Just a note to say a big thanks to Cat3c for a solid weekend at Gloucester airport for their flight planning tutorial The tutorial was excellently delivered and provided a logical flow on the key aspects of flight planning and also the more trickier areas which have arisen in recent exams. Chris made the subject clear, concise and actually really enjoyable, it did not feel like a classroom environment nor did we read through power point slides word for word. The guys have created a great and enjoyable place for ATPL learning, with restaurant, pub at the airfield, parking, ample accommodation nearby, good tea and a great sense of humour. It’s refreshing to see people enjoy what they are doing, make it fun but also are focused in ensuring you have a strong knowledge and understanding of the subject prior to smashing question banks I will be returning and would highly recommend it.
    Gavin Slattery
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